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Key Features


- Lifts, carries, and self-places bundles of horizontal and longitudinal rebar


- Places day or night, rain or shine

Project Fit:

- Expandable from 27FT - 117FT

- Places 9FT - 60FT bars

- Onsite and working within 4-8 hours

Automation and Autonomy:

- No pre-programming, pre-mapping, calibration, or BIM input

- Automates rebar placement based on your spacing requirements


Available to be Paired with TyBOT

While IronBOT places singulated rebar, TyBOT follows close behind and self-ties the rebar at 1,200+ intersections an hour. This dynamic duo is easy to deploy with low impact and enables work to be conducted at a consistent and predictable rate that significantly exceeds industry averages. Start innovating infrastructure with modern equipment for modern crews that solve construction challenges with our robotic rebar installation solutions.

IronBOT Info
  • No pre-mapping or calibration required

  • Onsite and working within 4-8 hours​

  • Lifts, carries and self-places bundles of transverse and longitudinal rebar​

  • Places epoxy coated or black bar

IMG_1132 (1).jpg
  • Places day or night, rain or shine​

  • Rides on existing screed rail

  • Rebar lengths from  9FT-60FT

  • Accommodates bridges from 27FT - 117FT

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  • Robot Supervisor provided to monitor the robot and perform onsite maintenance 

  • 50% Schedule Savings (when paired with TyBOT)

Part of the BOT Bundle

The value of the Bot Bundle is a game changer in the construction industry. Modern crews that work with BOTH TyBOT and IronBOT will maximize their schedule savings. That is why we offer IronBOT and TyBOT as a powerful duo of products that can help you crush your next project. Check out TyBOTs details below:

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