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Modern Equipment
For Modern Crews

Robotic Rebar Installation Solutions

Cut schedules in half with the powerful combination of TyBOT and IronBOT

Product intro
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TyBOT self-locates, self-positions, and self-ties 1,200+ intersections per hour.

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IronBOT lifts, carries, and self-places bundles of transverse or longitudinal bar. 

The Path to a Modern Workforce

Unleashing the full potential of robotics in construction

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The best way to see how jobsite robotics can address your specific problems is by putting the technology to work. The first step to understanding the value of automation is to let technology demonstrate what it can do through our risk-free programs.



With small adjustments to workflows, crews are able to increase efficiency even more. The contractors who have reached this level of adoption are experiencing schedule gains during their rebar installation.

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Reaching this final stage of creating a modern workforce is the true game changer. Whether you're gaining a competitive bidding advantage or increasing capacity to complete more work with existing crews, there has never been a better time for adopting new technology.

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