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Pittsburgh Robotics Network Declares Goal to Make Pittsburgh the "Robotics Capital of the World."

On June 29th, the Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN), a group of innovators dedicated to growing the region's robotics and artificial intelligence community, came together to declare Pittsburgh the “Robotics Capital of the World.”

Members of the group, known both nationally and worldwide for their contributions to transforming the world through robotics, included many Carnegie Mellon graduates like Advanced Construction Robotics’ co-founder Jeremy Searock and newly appointed CEO Danielle Proctor.

Jeremy said, "I've enjoyed watching the organization and its members grow, many of whom are longtime friends, former classmates, and colleagues.”

ACR Co-founder Stephen Muck said, "It's an amazing opportunity to come together and highlight the incredible talent pool that's growing in our own backyard. I am proud ACR is a Founding Member of the PRN and excited about the future we are making together to bring the next industrial revolution to reality.”

To read the full press release for the event, click here.

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