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TyBot Featured in RoboticsTomorrow Readers Choice

TyBot was recently featured in a RoboticsTomorrow article about " How Robots Are Changing On-Site Construction". TyBot has received plenty of industry recognition for its usefulness in preventing repetitive stress injuries. Worker health is a chief concern for general contractors across the nation. Robotics and automation can help reduce the number of injuries on a jobsite. Emily Folk from RoboticsTomorrow spoke on this precise topic in her article, saying:

"Due to the nature of the job, repetitive stress injuries are a constant threat in the construction industry. According to previous research, 19,070 overexertion injuries occurred on construction sites in 2014. Construction robots can prevent these injuries by taking over repetitive or mundane tasks that could result in overexertion.

One example of this is Tybot, an autonomous robot designed to tie rebar during bridge construction. This work is traditionally done by employees who are often suspended far above roads or rivers. With TyBot, workers only have to frame about 10% of the bridge by hand before the machine can take over and complete the rest autonomously. This reduced work time will make job sites safer, reducing injuries and facilitating faster task completion."

Read the full article here.


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