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TyBOT works on SH302/115 Overpass with Spartan Reinforcing and Kiewit


Spartan Reinforcing Debuts Autonomous Robot for First Time in Texas

TyBOT®, the Autonomous Rebar Tying Robot, Completes First Texas Job on the SH302 Highway Project.

Winkler County, Texas – On its first deployment in the Lone Star State, TyBOT® by Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR) recently completed bulk rebar tying operations on the SH302 highway project in Winkler County, Texas. Winner of numerous innovation awards, TyBOT is an autonomous rebar tying robot that utilizes artificial intelligence to see, think, and act to self-adapt to unique jobsite designs. It represents the latest class of construction equipment that works alongside existing crews to ensure project timelines are safely met. Completing 101,564 ties across 69,200 square feet of bridge deck, TyBOT was essential in assisting Spartan Reinforcing, a Texas-based Disadvantaged Business Enterprise specializing in turnkey solutions for reinforced concrete, as well as Kiewit, the nation’s 4th largest general contractor.

Travelers watching the progress of the SH302 highway project in Winkler County Texas will be happy to see that the contractors on the job are deploying the latest technology to get the job done faster. Robots on the jobsite optimize the work of the crew members by allowing them to avoid boring repetitive tasks and focus on more complex work better suited for traditional labor. Augmenting the workforce in this way not only accelerates schedules but also helps to keep the crew safe from injury-prone tasks. With this project, Winkler County became one of the first regions to deploy modern solutions in construction which traditionally has avoided high tech.

“TyBOT augmented our crews and helped make our team more efficient. We were excited by the advantages robotic construction equipment offered us and it opened our minds to the great potential in adopting new technologies.” – Craig Wallace -CEO, Spartan Reinforcing

“I was apprehensive about using TyBOT at first, but as the project progressed I discovered it made my crew work smarter not harder.” – Samuel Lopez-Spartan General Foreman

“ACR was founded to rapidly bring robots to jobsites to help crews like Spartan and Kiewit. Our robots will continue to solve today’s construction challenges assisting the workforce to meet rapidly growing demand” – Jeremy Searock, Co-Founder, Advanced Construction Robotics



A leading provider of robotic equipment, ACR is transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity. Our robots give construction firms the ability to consistently meet growing demand, reduce scheduling risks and improve safety. TyBOT®, ACR’s first product, is a rebar tying robot that self-navigates, self-ties, and does not require programming or BIM plan input from the working crew. TyBOT’s partner, IronBOT, will lift, carry, and install rebar when it comes to market in 2022.


Name: Bryce Nelson

Phone: 412-756-3360 x50478


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