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TyBot Captures a Spot on Construction Junkie's Most Read Articles

TyBot once again captured the eyes of the industry by earning one of ConstructionJunkie’s top 10 most read articles of 2020. It's safety benefits and productivity enhancement have become hard to ignore in the industry. Read what Shane Hedmond from Construction Junkie had to say below:

" Last week, I spent some time out in Las Vegas to attend the World of Concrete 2020, which is an immersive experience for all things concrete and masonry related. While there, I was able to catch up with the team from Advanced Construction Robotics, the makers of TyBot, the autonomous rebar tying robot. The TyBot uses a series of cameras and artificial intelligence to identify the intersections of rebar, so no operator or pre-programming is necessary. Once the machine is setup on the screed rails, it can tie up to 1,000 ties per hour. With its typical uses being in bridge work and manufacturing facilities, the width of the TyBot can expand anywhere from 9 feet to 100 feet Although TyBot is pretty hefty, weighing in at a maximum of 8,100 pounds, it can be transported on a 40 foot trailer with the equivalent of a Ford F250. The robot is powered by a Cummings Onan QG 5500 EFI generator with a fuel consumption rate between 0.35 gallons per hour to 0.95 gallons per hour, based upon the size of the load.

There’s no doubt that tying rebar is difficult and repetitive work for rodbusters, which makes it a prime target for robotics in the field. The hand tying process can not only cause carpel tunnel syndrome, but chronic back problems from bending and reaching for several hours a day. TyBot claims a substantial increase in productivity and a decrease in schedule with use of the robot, considering that it can work continuously and in difficult weather, such as extreme heat and heavy rains."

Read the full article and watch the video HERE.

See the full list of rankings HERE:


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