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Construction Robot on Jobsite (TyBot)

Key Features


- Self-ties bulk horizontal rebar intersections


Active tie rate of 1,200+ Ties/Hour 

- Ties day or night, rain or shine

Project Fit:

- Expandable from 10FT - 117FT

- Up to #8x#9 bar intersections

- Onsite and working in 2 Hours

Automation and Autonomy:

- No pre-programming, pre-mapping, calibration, or BIM Input

- Automates rebar tying


Meet TyBOT

TyBOT takes care of the repetitive, backbreaking task of tying rebar while your crew focuses on more complex work. Onsite and working within hours, TyBOT self-locates, self-positions and self-ties 1,200+ intersections per hour, day or night, rain or shine, while improving jobsite safety. Get an idea what TyBOT can do for your project with our new tie calculator!

TyBO Specs
TyBot autonomously ties rebar intersection without any human interaction.
  • Self-navigation of its working area

  • No pre-mapping or calibration required

  • Onsite and working within 2 hours


TyBot can tie up to 1000 rebar intersections and create up to a 50% man hour reduction.
  • 1,200+ ties/hr work rate 

  • 15LB wire spool

  • Ties epoxy coated and black bar

TyBot can tie day or night, rain or shine.
  • Runs day or night, rain or shine, without breaks or injuries

  • Continuously operates without refueling up to 12 hours​

  • Rides on existing edge form or screed rail

TyBot is completely autonomous and does not require human intervention. A trained QCT is sent with every lease to assist with any minor maintence concerns.
  • Ties in 100% or 50% pattern on bottom and top mats

  • Rebar sizes up to #8 by #9

  • Expandable width from 10FT-117FT

TyBot can tie in 50% or 100% patterns on rebar up to size #8x#9
  • Robot Supervisor  monitors the robot and performs maintenance on site

  • 50% schedule savings (When paired with IronBOT)

Robotic Rebar Installation Solutions

The value of the robotic rebar installation solutions is a game changer in the construction industry. Modern crews that work with both TyBOT and IronBOT will maximize their schedule savings and cut their rebar installation schedule in half. That is why we offer IronBOT and TyBOT as a powerful duo of products that can help you accelerate your next project. Check out IronBOTs details below:

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