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About Us

Advanced Construction Robotics is a world-leading innovator of autonomous robotic equipment. Our robots are transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity of the construction industry. Our products give construction firms the ability to meet a rapidly growing demand.

Innovating Infrastructure

Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. utilizes robotics and artificial intelligence to innovate and commercialize a wide range of autonomous products to lead the long-term transformation of the construction industry towards enhanced productivity, increased consistency, improved safety, and reduced schedule risk

The Four Pillars

As we continue to Innovate Infrastructure by bringing new and exciting robots to the industry, our pillars ensure our products reflect our company's character. Every ACR BOT is designed and built with our 4 pillars in mind.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Fills labor gaps caused by industry wide labor shortages

  • Increases the amount of work the existing crew can complete in a day

  • Provides scalable capacity to perform more projects

Increased Consistency

  • Reduces labor risk by bringing confidence to production levels

  • Reduces overtime production volatility

  • Provides real time performance monitoring

Improved Safety

  • Reduces worker exposure to safety risks

  • Less repetitive work reduces career limiting health effects

  • Performs the same work with less man hours, minimizing safety incidents

Reduced Schedule Risk

  • Minimizes delays, liquidated damages, and site operating costs

  • Reduces exposure to peak seasonal staffing demands​

  • Facilitates project critical path acceleration

By the Numbers

Concerned about Labor

73% of Construction firms have listed the construction labor shortage as a top concern.

US Chamber of Commerce

Variation in Productivity

A worker's productivity varies by up to 50% doing the same work on the same jobsite.


Sprains and Strains

40% of lost time injuries are attributable to sprains and strains on the jobsite. 


Firms with Delays

Nearly 3/4ths of construction firms report that their projects are taking longer than originally planned


Leaders in Construction Technology

ACR has been at the forefront of construction innovation since its inception.  As the industry takes notice of the advantages of robotics in construction, contractors have turned to ACR to help them integrate technology.  The company is represented in several major entities as we continue to guide construction into the next industrial revolution.

Management Team


Robotics and AI Leaders Join Together to Support the Pittsburgh Robotics Network on June 2

Industry Associations

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