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Key Features


- Lifts, carries, and self-places  horizontal and longitudinal rebar


- Average rate of 5,000 LB/HR

- Places day or night, rain or shine

Project Fit:

- Expandable from 27FT - 117FT

- Places 9FT - 60FT bars

- Onsite and working within 4-8 hours

Automation and Autonomy:

- No pre-programming, pre-mapping, calibration, or BIM input

- Automates rebar placement based on your spacing requirements


Available Through Certified Innovators

Certified innovators are companies committed to increasing productivity, safety performance and consistent schedule gains using ACR’s powerful construction robots. They have dedicated crews that have gone through hands-on training on how to optimize operations alongside TyBOT and IronBOT and incorporate the technology in their installation pricing.

IronBOT Info
  • No pre-mapping or calibration required

  • Onsite and working within 4-8 hours​

  • Average rate of 5,000LB per hour

  • Lifts, carries and self-places bundles of transverse and longitudinal rebar​

  • Places epoxy coated or black bar

IMG_1132 (1).jpg
  • Places day or night, rain or shine​

  • Rides on existing screed rail

  • Rebar lengths from  9FT-60FT

  • Accommodates bridges from 27FT - 117FT

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  • Robot Supervisor provided to monitor the robot and perform onsite maintenance 

  • 50% Schedule Savings (when paired with TyBOT)

Part of the BOT Bundle

The value of the Bot Bundle is a game changer in the construction industry. Modern crews that work with BOTH TyBOT and IronBOT will maximize their schedule savings. That is why we offer IronBOT and TyBOT as a powerful duo of products that can help you crush your next project. Check out TyBOTs details below:

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