IronBot Rebar Placing Robot

IronBot is in the

later stages of development and will be commercialized in 2022.

Meet IronBot

IronBot is a fully autonomous rebar carrying and placing robot. It is purpose-built to work with your iron working crew to accelerate rebar installation. IronBot is capable of carrying and placing transverse and longitudinal bar according to your construction plan. After IronBot finishes placing one bundle of rebar, it will travel to load the next bundle and continue until the job is complete. IronBot will place approximately 50,000 lbs. of rebar during a typical shift. Used together, IronBot and TyBot can complete double the work in half the time.  IronBot will be commercialized in 2022.

IronBot is projected to increase the production rate during active hours of rebar carrying and placing. IronBot is estimated to place over 50,000 lbs per shift.  IronBot and TyBot together form the most cost-effective rebar installation team on the market, optimizing your labor force so that you can do the most with your limited resources.

Proof of Concept Demo

The Autonomous

Carrying & Placing Robot

Key IronBot Specifications




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