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TyBOT® Completes Its Inaugural Project in North Carolina

Rebar-Tying Robot Expands into New Territory with DT Read, Inc.

Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. (ACR) completed its first-ever TyBOT project in North Carolina. TyBOT augmented the crew from DT Read Steel Co., Inc., a rebar subcontractor, and boosted productivity on the I-40 Gorge Bridge over Jonathan Creek being performed by Kiewit Corporation. TyBOT completed 58,215 ties for this project across a 25,154 sq. ft. area. TyBOT ties reinforcing steel at a rate of over 1,100 ties per hour. It was introduced by ACR in 2018 and has since won several innovation awards in the construction industry. With the addition of North Carolina, TyBOT has now completed over 4.2 million ties on jobs in 14 different states and on over 60 projects.


DT Read's rapid adoption and integration of TyBOT into their workforce demonstrates their commitment to modernizing construction with cutting-edge technology. Already trained on TyBOT from previous projects, DT Read's crew quickly enhanced safety and efficiency on the I-40 Gorge Bridge over Jonathan Creek. This swift integration highlights the team's proficiency with these modern tools of the trade, marking a significant step in workforce development and the ability to operate innovative solutions with minimal downtime.

Erick Bowman, Area Manager at DT Read, expressed his enthusiasm for TyBOT in their operations saying, "TyBOT once again proved its value by increasing our productivity and ensuring our team’s safety." He is also excited about this technology's prospects for their workforce, stating, “Our team’s growing proficiency with TyBOT continues to pay off, and we're excited to see how this technology will further enhance our future projects. The efficiency and safety improvements are game-changers, and our crew is embracing the role of ‘Rebar Geek Squad’ with enthusiasm and pride." 

“ACR had trained DT Read to use TyBOT, so they were able to make immediate headway on this project without support from our team,” said Danielle Proctor, CEO of ACR.  “We're thrilled to see trained repeat clients making a tangible impact on projects and paving the way for a safer, more efficient future in the construction industry. We look forward to many more successful collaborations with DT Read.”

Advanced Construction Robotics is dedicated to equipping modern crews with state-of-the-art technology, helping contractors like DT Read set new standards for productivity and quality. TyBOT’s successful completion of the I-40 Gorge Bridge over Jonathan Creek in North Carolina showcases ACR's commitment to innovation as they expand their reach and collaborate with more contractors nationwide.

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