Construction's Most Advanced Rebar Installation Equipment

TyBot and IronBot are powerful construction robots that dramatically enhance your workforce productivity and reduce schedule risk while keeping them safer. With no pre-mapping, programming, or calibration required, adding the most advanced rebar installation equipment to your crew is easy...just give us screed rails.


Our Purpose

TyBot and IronBot are here to augment the construction industry during a time of unprecedented labor shortage. Contractors across the country are always at risk of not meeting their schedule due to productivity concerns and unexpected delays. The resulting cost overruns decrease profits across the industry.  


Our Advantages

TyBot and IronBot enable your crew to safely get more work done. Automated rebar tying and placing will enhance your project's productivity and profitability.  Research from the Mckinsey Global Institute indicates that there is an opportunity to save $1.6 Trillion dollars by improving project site productivity. Claim your piece of these savings. 

 Our Robots

TyBot and IronBot carry out the repetitive and backbreaking tasks of rebar installation using artificial intelligence and robot vision. This dynamic duo enables work to be conducted at a consistent and predictable rate that significantly exceeds industry averages. Deployment of our robots is easy and low impact. Utilizing advanced construction equipment is the next logical step for construction, and many contractors are already leaping ahead.

Our Robotic Equipment

TyBot from Pittsburgh helps construction crews by autonomously tying rebar in order to enhance project productivity
TyBot by Advanced Construction Robotics improves safety on the jobsite by autonomously tying rebar, thereby automating a tedious and injury riddled construction task.
TyBot can help reduce schedule risk on your project and thereby reduce liquidated damages.
Schedule Risk
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TyBot is a rebar tying robot that ties up to 1,100 intersections an hour. TyBot quickly and easily deploys anywhere in the country. Click the button below to learn more about TyBot.

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IronBot is a rebar carrying and placing robot that can carry up to 5,000-pound bundles. IronBot is currently in development and will be available in 2022.