Changing the game in rebar installation.

TyBot and IronBot are powerful ONSITE construction robots that dramatically increase your pounds per shift rebar installation rate by over 400%. No pre-mapping, programming, or calibration required. They truly represent a one of a kind rebar installation solution...just give us screed rails.


Our Purpose

TyBot and IronBot are here to augment the construction industry during a time of unprecedented labor shortage. Contractors across the country are always at risk of not meeting their schedule due to productivity concerns and unexpected delays. The resulting cost overruns create profit loss across the industry.  


Our Advantages

TyBot and IronBot enable your crew to accomplish double the work in half the time.  Cost savings are not just limited to the schedule. Automated rebar tying and placing will enhance your job site's productivity and profitability.  Research from the Mckinsey Global Institute indicates that there is an opportunity to save $1.6 Trillion dollars by improving project site productivity. Claim your piece of these savings. 

Robotics as Tools

TyBot and IronBot are not remote-controlled but are autonomous rebar installation tools. They carry out tasks through artificial intelligence and robot vision. TyBot and IronBot enable work to be conducted at a consistent and predictable rate that significantly exceeds industry averages. Deployment of our robots is easy and low impact. Utilizing robotics as a tool is the next logical step for construction, and many contractors are already leaping ahead.

Our Robotic Tools



TyBot is a completely autonomous rebar tying robot that ties up to 1,000 intersections an hour. TyBot deploys to any job site that has screed rails in place and will do the work of an average 6-8 person team. TyBot quickly and easily deploys anywhere in the country. Click the button below to learn more about TyBot.



IronBot is a completely autonomous rebar carrying and placing robot that can carry and place rebar in horizontal applications. IronBot can place approximately 50,000 pounds of rebar per shift. Paired with TyBot, IronBot offers an unprecedented leap in productivity. IronBot will be commercialized in 2021. Click the button below to learn more about IronBot.

TyBot by Advanced Construction Robotics improves safety on the jobsite by autonomously tying rebar, thereby automating a tedious and injury riddled construction task.
TyBot can help reduce schedule risk on your project and thereby reduce liquidated damages.
Schedule Risk
Rebar Tying Robot in Pennsylvania

Scott P. Stevens, VP at R.S. Audley Inc.

"It operated day or night, rain or shine, and without breaks. It just kept on working, which is exactly what we needed."

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Some Contractors Already Leaping Ahead...

Autonomous Rebar Tying Robot

Seeing is Believing

Advanced Construction Robotics wants to help you make the best decision for your project. We offer a wide array of resources to ensure that you understand exactly how an ACR Bot will integrate into your jobsite. We will even trial a TyBot unit right on your project of interest! Do you want more information on the development of IronBot? We will keep you in the loop. To get in touch with a representative, please fill in your contact details.

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