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TyBot self identifies and ties rebar intersections in any weather condition.

Tie Calculator

Convert your pounds to ties

You only pay when TyBOT is working for you. Our usage-based pricing model utilizes ties to keep track of how much work it has completed and ensures you are only billed when TyBOT is doing work. How many ties are on your projects? Find out with our quick and easy tie calculator below. Want a more detailed and accurate quote? Fill out our Get a Quote form.

Tie calculations assume the following:

  • 100% tie pattern

  • Top and bottom mat

  • 85% TyBOT coverage
  • Uniform mat specifications across project

  • Horizontal rebar LB exclude parapets, barriers, and approach slabs.

Estimates are not guaranteed to be accurate. Our calculators use ratios that may display variance based on inputs. For a detailed quote please submit our quote form or speak to a sales representative.


Get a Quote

Looking for more precise numbers or accurate pricing? Submit our quote form and our team will prepare a detailed takeoff for your project. 

Whether your project is past, present, or future, we just need a few key details to start your quote. Complete the form below and include the below plans if you have them:

  • Deck Plan

  • Rebar Schedule

  • Cross Section

Our team will generate a takeoff and quote for you that includes

  • Unit configured for the width of the project, accessories and three (3) tie modules

  • ACR Robot Supervisor with fully tooled truck, trailer, lifting equipment and spare parts.

  • 16.5-gauge poly-coasted single wrap tie wire specifically designed to work with TyBOT

  • Pre-Deployment Support including customized deployment plan and on-site visit

  • Maintenance & support

  • Daily operational reporting

Quote Form
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