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ACR Co-Founders Write Letter to the President

TyBOT bulk ties rebar with Beech Construction in Cranberry Township, PA, on Freedom Road.

Co-founders Jeremy Searock and Stephen Muck penned a letter to President Biden upon his visit to Pittsburgh to promote the Build Back Better Bill. Their message was clear. Construction has a labor shortage problem and robotic solutions can fill the gap to rebuild America’s infrastructure in a timely fashion.

Mr. President, Pittsburgh is the most important stop on your road trip to discuss the infrastructure bill.
That’s because without the work being done in Pittsburgh, the Build Back Better bill is still a dream. Construction simply does not have enough workers.
Our country is in the midst of a nationwide labor shortage. This is something the construction industry knows all too well. For several decades, the industry has faced a skilled labor shortage, one that is now approaching a crisis level. Some experts believe the U.S. needs more than 1 million construction workers just to handle work under development.
Now that the country plans to address its crumbling infrastructure, we need more than votes and workers — We need a “constructional revolution.” A revolution only made possible through the teaming of robotics and AI with skilled construction labor.
Luckily, that’s what’s happening here in Pittsburgh. We are proud to lead Advanced Construction Robotics, one of the many robotics companies in our region. This industry is pioneering solutions that will allow us to not only rebuild our infrastructure but also build a new economic sector.
Robotic solutions are not here to replace workers. They are here to fill the labor gap and provide safety, consistency, increased productivity, and build quicker. The trade unions agree. The younger generations love the idea of supervising a robot on the job site.
Robotics and AI can solve real world challenges like our labor shortage and infrastructure.
Mr. President, let’s get to work.

Mr. Searock and Mr. Muck's letter was included in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Here.


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