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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Visits ACR.

Advanced Construction co-founders Jeremy Searock, left, president and chief technology officer, and Stephen Muck, chairman, stand near the TyBot as it ties rebar together on a test bridge on Friday, July 9, 2021, at Advanced Construction Robotics in Hampton.

(Emily Matthews/Post-Gazette)

Advanced Construction Robotics hosted a tour of their facilities for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PPG) last week. PPG members met with Co-Founders Jeremy Searock and Stephen Muck to discuss how TyBot and IronBot are being integrated into today’s job sites. During the interview, Steve and Jeremy discussed the rapidly growing demand on local and national construction labor markets and how there are simply not enough workers available to fill the needed construction crews. Discussions were also held on the impact that construction robotics can have on real-world projects and how contractors that are currently utilizing TyBot and IronBot have not only been able to fill in their labor gaps but also achieve higher levels of productivity. To read the entirety of what Steve and Jeremy had to say check out the full article here:

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