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Robotics Improving Construction Productivity

TyBOT in Texas with Kiewit and Spartan Reinforcing.

Steve Pawlett of Ontario Construction News recently covered the topic of Robotics in Construction featuring Advanced Construction Robotics Co-Founder, President & CTO Jeremy Searock. During the interview Searock covered labor shortages and how the industry must adapt to overcome current challenges. With productivity declining, there is opportunity for significant gains in the space. During his interview Searock outlined how ACR plans to aid the industry as the 4th industrial revolution continues to develop.

“Our mission is to bring robots or artificial intelligence to the construction industry. We want to do that because the industry is short on labour, and there is a huge demand for infrastructure builds. The demand continues to grow,” explains Jeremy Searock, co-founder, president, and CTO at Advanced Construction Robotics. “We want to fill that labour gap with robots to ensure the world’s infrastructure can be completed when they want it complete.”
-Jeremy Searock, Co-Founder, Advanced Construction Robotics


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