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Live Demonstrations

At ACR we understand that sometimes you have to see something to believe it. Fill out our interest form and one of our representatives will be in touch to schedule your live demonstration! Demonstrations can take place at your office or job site and are exclusive to your team. Digital options are available if you have off-site team members who would also like to see TyBOT.

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Your Live Demo

We will transport our brand-new 10-foot demo trailer via pickup truck directly to your location and conduct a live demonstration at the location of your choosing. Demos run approximately 20 minutes in duration, and our team will gladly stay to address any and all questions

Demo Information

The Power of Rebar Vision

See for yourself how TyBOT self-identifies and ties rebar intersections using artificial intelligence. TyBOT's "Rebar Vision" requires no pre-mapping or pre-programming. It enables TyBOT to begin work on real job sites with minimal impact on the schedule. During your demo, you can put Rebar Vision to the test by placing obstacles on the deck or moving a piece of rebar. 

What will you learn?


What TyBOT does for you

TyBOT is incredibly adaptable to a wide range of job site conditions. Our sales team will explain all of TyBOTs specs and features, as well as answer any questions you may have about specific projects. Have a particularly unique job? We will get you in touch with our integration team.

TyBOT Works

Our demo bot is a miniature version of our full-sized TyBOT. Make an informed decision by doing your own inspection. During your demonstration, you will be able to walk around the robot and inspect every detail of the equipment. 

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