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The Power of Rebar Vision

TyBOT’s cameras map out the rebar grid work area ahead and identify the intersections that need to be tied. The Tram independently positions the Tie Module over the next intersection, allowing the module to complete its assigned tie while TyBOT keeps track of the intersections it has completed. This cycle of mapping, positioning, tying and tracking efficiently continues until the entire work area has been completed and TyBOT notifies its Robot Supervisor before moving forward to continue operations.

TyBOT does all of this without Pre-Mapping, Pre-Programming or BIM Input.

It is just that simple! While TyBOT handles the backbreaking, repetitive task of bulk-tying your project’s rebar grid, your crew is free to move on to the project’s next critical path item.

Would you like to see TyBOT at your office or Jobsite? Schedule your Demo HERE.

2022 TyBOT Roadshow Schedule:

  • Jan/Feb 2022: Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina

  • Spring 2022: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia & Maryland

  • Summer 2022: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota & Iowa

If you are not located in one of the states that our team is currently scheduled to visit, we can arrange a fully interactive Virtual Demonstration from our Indoor Bridge Deck in Pittsburgh, PA and broadcast conveniently to you wherever you may be located.


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