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TyBOT Sets 2022 Tie Record


In May, TyBOT set its 2022 tie record on the Gateway Expressway project alongside Advanced Construction Robotics Integration Partner Shelby Erectors. Tying 11,044 ties in a single shift, TyBOT averaged over 1,000 ties per hour on the day. The record takes the 9th position on our All-Time shift record list, with the #1 shift in company history clocking in at 16,000 ties (shift lengths vary).

Shelby Erectors CEO Jack Nix had this to say about the shift:

"A shift like this makes a real difference. When TyBOT is moving this quickly our crews are able to focus our full efforts on more complicated work. TyBot handling over 11,000 ties in a shift provides much-needed relief to us as our crews are pressured by labor shortages and schedules."
- Jack Nix, Chief Operations Officer, Shelby Erectors

Construction is in the midst of a labor shortage. Construction crews are being stretched thin and are struggling to meet schedules. The pressure has sent the industry in search of a safe solution to augment construction crews. Advanced Construction Robotics has brought TyBOT to construction to automate repetitive and injury-prone tasks. With TyBOT on the job, contractors are experiencing enhanced productivity, improved safety, reduced schedule risk, and increased consistency. TyBOT delivers these advantages using a Robot as a Service (RaaS) model. Contractors can achieve new heights in productivity with pricing that is wrapped up in an easy-to-understand per-tie price. Learn more about TyBOT deployments in our FAQ section.

TyBOT has come a long way since it first hit the job site in 2017. To date, TyBOT has completed over 2.5 million ties and has worked on 33+ job sites across the country. Years of field testing and refinement have created a powerful tool for augmenting the existing construction workforce.

“Shifts like this don’t happen overnight. Like a rodbuster honing their skills over time, this achievement is the result of years of real work on real jobsites. Our team of world class innovators is developing the future of construction equipment, and creating modern jobsites where teams of workers and robots work together to get the job done.”
-Jeremy Searock, Co-Founder, CTO & President, Advanced Construction Robotics

The Advanced Construction Robotics team is excited to continue to bring new and innovative products to the construction industry with our second product, IronBOT. IronBOT is a rebar carrying and placing robot that relieves the burden of the heavy lifting by self-placing up to 5,000-pound bundles of both transverse and longitudinal rebar. Used together, the powerful solution of IronBOT and TyBOT will be able to increase productivity by at least 250%. IronBOT is in the final stages of development and will be deployed in 2022. The dynamic duo of TyBOT and IronBOT enables work to be conducted at a consistent and predictable rate that significantly exceeds industry averages.

If you think your job could be the location of our next tie record fill out an inquiry form on our contact page.


A leading provider of robotic equipment, ACR is transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity. Our robots give construction firms the ability to consistently meet growing demand, reduce scheduling risks and improve safety. TyBOT®, ACR’s first product, is a rebar tying robot that self-navigates, self-ties, and does not require programming or BIM plan input from the working crew. TyBOT’s partner, IronBOT, will lift, carry, and place rebar when it comes to market in 2022. If you would like more information, please contact us at



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