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TyBOT® Wraps Up Successful Project in Wisconsin

For Immediate Release

Construction Robot Completes Latest Project

Rebar-Tying Robot Expands into New Territory with MKE Iron Erectors, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA: Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. (ACR) completed its first-ever TyBOT project in Wisconsin, marking the robot's furthest travel westward. TyBOT augmented the crew from MKE Iron Erectors Inc. (MKE Iron), a rebar subcontractor, and boosted productivity on the IH-39 Structure B-11-166 bridge in Columbia County. TyBOT accomplished 17,823 ties in two shifts for this project across a 7,775 sq. ft. area. TyBOT ties reinforcing steel at a rate of over 1,100 ties per hour. It was introduced by ACR in 2018 and has since won several innovation awards in the construction industry. With the addition of Wisconsin, TyBOT has now completed 3.5 million ties on jobs in 11 different states and on over 40 projects.

“Resilience is one of our core values, so we are excited to be the first contractor in Wisconsin to deploy this innovative tool,” said Barb Sheedy, President and Owner of MKE Iron Erectors, Inc. “Having TyBOT on our job site was a major asset to our crew as they finished the project on time and on budget. Just as importantly, TyBOT will provide health and safety benefits for our union ironworkers. Less tying means they will experience less physical stress, possibly extending their careers while avoiding strain injuries. We look forward to using TyBOT on future projects.”

Advanced Construction Robotics is committed to equipping modern crews with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge equipment. By embracing modern equipment, contractors like MKE Iron Erectors, Inc. are pushing the entire industry forward, setting new standards for productivity and quality. ACR remains unwavering in its dedication to supporting modern crews by providing the equipment they need to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven industry.

"We are really excited to add not only a new customer but a new state to our project portfolio," says Danielle Proctor, President & CEO of Advanced Construction Robotics. "MKE Iron serves as a great example of an innovative contractor that has taken the first step on the path to creating a modern workforce by seeing first-hand how technology can impact their projects."

The successful completion of the TyBOT project in Wisconsin demonstrates ACR's commitment to providing innovative solutions to the construction industry as they continue to work with additional contractors and break into new territories.


About Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc.:

A leading provider of robotic equipment, ACR is transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity. Our robots give construction firms the ability to consistently meet growing demand, reduce scheduling risks and improve safety. TyBOT®, ACR’s first product, is a rebar tying robot that self-navigates, self-ties and does not require programming or BIM plan input from the working crew. TyBOT’s partner, IronBOT can lift, carry, and install a 5,000LB bundle of rebar. Together, TyBOT and IronBOT are cutting rebar installation schedules in half. If you would like more information, please contact us at

About MKE Iron Erectors, Inc.:

As a full-service, woman owned metal erector MKE Iron Erectors, Inc. works with our business partners to safely provide top-notch subcontracting for division 3 and 5 construction projects, and more.MKE Iron’s deep bench of experienced professionals are your reliable partners ­when safely building the roads and bridges municipalities need to thrive. Our team knows what it takes to construct complicated lift bridges, erect steel, and precast girders, and efficiently install reinforcing steel for all foundations, supports, and decks. Our skilled union ironworkers, and LEAN thinking team understands how to perform precast concrete and metal work using best practices designed to save you time, money, and stress on your next project.


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