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TyBOT® Returns to New Hampshire for Ramp B-D Bridge Rehabilitation Project Over Bluestar Turnpike

TyBOT® Returns to New Hampshire for Ramp B-D Bridge Rehabilitation Project Over Bluestar Turnpike

Pittsburgh, PA: Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR), a leading innovator in robotic construction solutions, worked with New England Infrastructure (NEI) on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) bridge rehabilitation project on Ramp B-D (Exit 2) over Bluestar Turnpike. NEI deployed TyBOT to the project on June 29, marking its first time working with the technology. TyBOT completed 5,369 intersections in just seven hours. Since 2018, TyBOT has won several innovation awards and completed over 3.5 million ties on 48 projects in 12 states. TyBOT’s first-ever field deployment also took place in New Hampshire alongside R.S. Audley in 2018.

"We are excited to wrap up a successful project with a new contractor, New England Infrastructure, and we appreciate their enthusiasm and trust in our technology. We look forward to exploring larger projects together with NEI," said Danielle Proctor, President and CEO of Advanced Construction Robotics. “Returning to the state where we deployed TyBOT for the first time was a nostalgic experience. We have come a long way since then,” she added.

The NHDOT bridge rehabilitation project on Ramp B-D (Exit 2) over Bluestar Turnpike is a critical infrastructure initiative aimed at ensuring the longevity and safety of the region's transportation network.

"New England Infrastructure is committed to exploring advanced technologies that enhance project outcomes while prioritizing safety," stated Todd Pietrasiak, President and Owner of NEI. "TyBOT performed well on this small project, and we are interested to see what it can do on larger projects."

The collaboration between ACR and New England Infrastructure highlights the industry's transition towards modern construction practices. As more crews embrace advanced technologies like TyBOT, construction projects can be completed more efficiently and safely.


About Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc.:

A leading provider of robotic equipment, ACR is transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity. Our robots give construction firms the ability to consistently meet growing demand, reduce scheduling risks and improve safety. ACR currently offers two unique rebar installation robots that, together, cut rebar installation schedules in half. ACR’s first product, TyBOT, is a rebar-tying robot that has been serving the industry since 2018. IronBOT, ACR’s latest product, will lift, carry, and place 5,000LB bundles of transverse or longitudinal rebar.

About New England Infrastructure, Inc.:

New England Infrastructure, Inc. has a long and proud history as a leader in the New England construction industry. They are a multi-disciplined heavy/civil contractor specializing in providing engineered solutions to complex projects of all sizes. Their expert team of qualified management and skilled craftsmen are present at every job site, ensuring that all work is done on time, on budget, to specification, and up to par with each client’s expectations.


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