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Robotics & AI

ACR is a world leading innovator of autonomous robotic equipment. Our robots are transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity of the construction industry. Our products give construction firms the ability to meet a rapidly growing demand.


Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. utilizes robotics and artificial intelligence to innovate and commercialize a wide range of autonomous products to lead the

long-term transformation of the construction industry towards Improved Safety, Enhanced Productivity, Reduced Schedule Risk, and Increased Profits.

Construction safety equipment including steel toed boots, a hard hat, safety glasses, and high visibility vest. All ar required to be worn by ACR team members on jobsites.


  • Removing workers from exposure to risks is the highest priority when planning work.

  • Performing the same work with less man-hours through automating repetitive tasks statistically will improve safety performance. 

  • Autonomous robots can work through extreme conditions that put human workers at risk, such as extreme heat, or heavy rains. 

Autonomous robotic technology helps the construction industry increase profits through enhanced productivity, improved safety, and reduced schedule risk


  • Reduction of man-hour direct costs also reduces associated payroll tax and workers compensation insurance costs.

  • Increasing capacity through utilizing robotic automation brings the opportunity to increase work volume, revenue and profits.

  • Performing work faster reduces the costs for time related expenses like staff and rented support equipment.

  • Reducing schedule durations and increasing productivity certainty helps to reduce risks that may be carried in a bid for liquidated damages.

Brayman Construction Corporation bridge building project was kept on schedule, lean, and profitable with the assistance of TyBot. Contruction Crews benefit form the usage of technology like the kind Advanced Construction Robotics provides.


  • Utilizing the existing workforce and robotics allows for work to be completed faster, giving companies the flexibility to catch up or get ahead of schedule.

  • Higher productivity helps a project keep moving in the face of worker shortages.

  • Improving the productivity of the existing workforce through robotics increases the value of each and every worker. 

An ACR robot enhances the productivity on  jobsite using autonomous technology and artificial intelligence. Renting or purchasing a piece of our equipment helps general contractors make more profits.


  • Robotics brings consistency and certainty to production levels. Reducing the amount of uncertainty associated with work production reduces the risk attached to project schedules.

  • Due to increased productivity, automated tasks can be completed faster.

  • Exposure to peak seasonal staffing demands can be drastically reduced by utilizing robotics to fill the labor gap. 

Construction's Labor Gap Crisis

ACR’s robots will continue to solve today’s construction challenges assisting the workforce to meet the rapidly growing demand.

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By the Numbers



Unfilled Construction Positions
Fraction of Poor Roads and Bridges


Amount saved by 1% productivity boost

As of April, 2019, as many as 434,000 construction labor positions were left entirely vacant.

 Two-thirds of US roads are in

less-than-good condition and nearly 143,000 bridges need repair or improvement, the Transportation Department estimates.

If construction labor productivity improves by just 1%, the world's construction industry will save $100 Billion dollars.

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