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ACR Empowers Future Workforce Through Nazareth Prep Corporate Internship Program

Pittsburgh Robotics Company Joins Forces with Nazareth Prep to Cultivate Next-Generation Talent

Nazareth Prep Student, Naijah Stevenson

Pittsburgh, PA: Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR) is pleased to announce its partnership with Nazareth Prep to sponsor a student through their Corporate Internship Program. Established in 2014, Nazareth Prep has been working with local companies to provide students with valuable internship experiences, helping bridge the gap between education and employment. This partnership will enable Naijah Stevenson, a Nazareth Prep sophomore, to gain hands-on experience within ACR's Engineering Build Team and Operations Department, contributing to the company's new robot assembly and maintenance processes.

"Programs like this are indispensable for nurturing the workforce of the future," remarked ACR Founder & Executive Chairman, Stephen Muck. "The more companies that invest in today's students, the better prepared we will be to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Workforce development in the emerging robotics space is critical to Pittsburgh if it is to retain robotic development companies, as they shift to manufacturing."

Naijah Stevenson with TyBOT Belly Box

During her internship, Naijah will actively participate in ACR's warehouse operations, directly engaging with the assembly, maintenance, and deployment of cutting-edge construction robots. Moreover, she will have the opportunity to interact with various ACR team members, from field staff to executive leadership. Naijah will be mentored by Lely Le Gonzalez, ACR's Junior Estimator, who has personally benefited from similar internship programs and will provide valuable insights on integrating into the workforce.

Sister Linda Yankoski, Nazareth Prep President, highlighted the mutual benefits of internship programs, stating, "Internship programs benefit both interns and employers. Technology, automation, and artificial intelligence are shaping the labor market in unprecedented ways. The opportunity to intern with a company such as Advanced Construction Robotics allows our students to gain valuable real-world experience, hone important work skills, and establish connections that may prove useful throughout the span of their careers."

The collaboration between Advanced Construction Robotics and Nazareth Prep underscores our commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent and creating pathways to success in the dynamic field of robotics and construction.


About Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc.:

A leading provider of robotic equipment, ACR is transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity. Our robots give construction firms the ability to consistently meet growing demand, reduce scheduling risks, and improve safety. ACR currently offers two unique rebar installation robots that, together, cut rebar installation schedules in half. ACR’s first product, TyBOT, is a rebar-tying robot that has been serving the industry since 2018. IronBOT, ACR’s latest product, will lift, carry, singulate, and place 5,000LB bundles of transverse or longitudinal rebar.

About Nazareth Prep:

Nazareth Prep is an affordable and innovative independent Catholic school based on the belief that every student — regardless of race, religion, or economic status — should have access to a quality education. We are a career and college preparatory school for serious students with academic potential and the ability to work hard.


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