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Advanced Construction Robotics Talks Economic and Workforce Development with Key Legislative Representatives

Key Legislative Representatives with Danielle Proctor

Today, economic development leaders Audrey Russo, President & CEO, and Brian Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Operations and Government Affairs, both from Pittsburgh Technology Council, Rich Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, and John Myler, Assistant Construction Manager with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, joined Western Pennsylvania political leaders Senator Lindsey Williams and Representative Robert Mercuri, along with Patrick Joyal, Southwest Region Director, from the Office of Governor Josh Shapiro, met at Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR), to learn more about the cutting-edge robotics technology developed in Pittsburgh, and currently being deployed throughout the United States of America.

"On our tour, we saw literal change in action and how investments in advanced technology create local jobs," said Rich Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission. "We are fortunate to have a thriving robotics industry in our region, and our goal is to support organizations, like Advanced Construction Robotics, as it strives to develop talent and grow its workforce. We want to foster an economic environment in Southwestern Pennsylvania where residents that want to work in the robotics industry have the opportunity to do so."

ACR’s technology addresses labor shortages and infrastructure demands by supplementing labor to reduce infrastructure costs and improve quality while reducing worker injuries. This new technology is exactly what the Governor’s economic development plan targets when discussing new technology impacting infrastructure markets. The ACR Team has developed two robots: TyBOT®, which ties rebar intersections on bridge decks, and IronBOT®, which carries and places rebar—both labor-intense and physically demanding jobs. ACR is actively working with the local Ironworkers Employers Association (IWEA) and the International Ironworkers to train their Ironworkers on using these tools of the trade to enhance productivity and safety on jobsites.

State Representative, Robert Mercuri, commented, “I was very impressed with the innovative technology employed by Advanced Construction Robotics in their rebar applications. This technology can be utilized across the economy in future applications and current projects to accelerate project time completion, build new job categories for Building Trades professionals and support worker safety, and overall productivity. I’m looking forward to seeing their technology support growth across the Commonwealth.”

The company was founded by Stephen Muck, Chairman and CEO of Brayman Construction Corporation, a leading infrastructure contractor, who had a vision five years ago to improve the productivity of the labor force and the quality of infrastructure products while accelerating their delivery while reducing the impact to the traveling public.

Mr. Muck said, “This vision is becoming a reality, and contractors, along with the Ironworkers Union, are using the products to do exactly what we had hoped when we founded ACR.”

Today, the group had the opportunity to watch a physical demonstration of TyBOT at the company’s headquarters in Allison Park, PA, and watched a video of IronBOT placing rebar on a project in Port St. Lucie, FL. Danielle Proctor, President and CEO of ACR, said, “When we combine IronBOT and TyBOT on a job site, the productivity cost and schedule savings are truly disruptive. We are looking forward to working with these agencies on creating future positions, such as the Robot SupervisorTM, and expanding the workforce in robotics outside of traditional engineering roles.”

ACR is actively discussing creating a workforce development program with the Pittsburgh Technology Council, the Pittsburgh Robotics Network, and the Southwestern PA Commission. Mr. Muck is hoping Governor Shapiro’s program will support ACR as they move from product development and the Robots as a Service (RaaS) model to full-scale manufacturing and sales of their products. ACR is currently in discussions with two major corporations interested in accelerating the products to market. Mr. Muck hopes PA will step up in a way that will keep manufacturing these highly technical robotic solutions in Western PA. She stated that she is excited these agencies and forward-thinking political leaders took the time to learn more about ACR and robotic solutions for infrastructure.



About Pittsburgh Technology Council: Representing the aggregate voice of more than 1,400 member companies, the Pittsburgh Technology Council employs an experienced government relations team that works to educate individual technology forms about government-related threats and opportunities, while also working to promote a pro-growth public policy agenda on behalf of the entire region’s technology industry.


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